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Mar 17, 2013 12:00am EDT
but san jose is 10, odalys. anyway take the 10 biggest cities and add up their entire population of all the people in all of those cities, that's 23 million people. that is how severe the unemployment crisis is. and again there is no precedent since we got out of the great depression. so, another statistic. we had this thing we now call the great recession and the have followed the wall street crash that was caused by excessive speculation on wall street. now according to the official marketers of when recessions and, the recession started in the last three months of 2007 and it officially ended by june of 2009. that's three and a half years ago and we have been out of a recession for three and a half years, officially. now, one thing i recently calculated is, let's look at this recession relative to all the other recessions that have taken place since the great depression. now, and all the other recessions, there are different experiences that the economy does bounce back. when you say the recession and, it actually really ends. you can see that in the statistics and on average, the un
Mar 23, 2013 8:00pm EDT
at san jose stadium that blew me away. i thought if you want to do if you have the right to do it to put it into the institution of education. but when they take a picture of the statue, that is a beautiful statue. i think i should have a brick with my name at the base. hey man move over. i think i should be in the picture. i told them wait a minute, hold it for a second. you cannot get a brick with your name on it on the base of the statue. why not, john? that statue does not depict me taking the baton beyond athletics. you can't get in the picture. why can i get in the picture? we ran together. i said i will tell you what, i will let you get in the picture. what do you want? only to step forward and open up your shirt. roll up your sleeves. pull up your pant legs. what are you talking about? would be looking for? i said i'm looking for burns. i'm looking for burns on your chest and on your napkin on your back. show me some fire burns. i said mr. mr. smith, anna. you want to see some burns. turn around and look at his back. mr. norman come over here and show him your burns. do you want
Mar 31, 2013 10:30am EDT
of those. san jose being a famous location for one of these towers. because they are expensive and so brilliant, you could create one artificial moon above the town and rather than putting lamps down low. when erected one company discovered it would cast terrible shadows he had to do another tower in another. detroit was the high water mark. they had to put up 70 separate towers to get every spot in town into work so that they pretty see the tower started to fall down and they just let them go. >> individual solution was the solution being sought after but this refinement that addison and its other competitors wanted. >> was to was to make the life is about. one massive night of many thousands of candlepower. it was another to break into usable pieces you could bring indoors. when they brought indoors, which they try to do a fancy are the sorts of things, the light made everybody cadaverous. every wrinkle and gray hairs stood out. so many people after attending events and i'm never going to electric i.d. can. is >> somehow in a given name frames versus pcs here. let's talk about the a
Mar 2, 2013 10:30am EST
, adding up to these disparities and the same is true with prosecutors, there are studies in the san jose mercury news for example showing prosecutors display considerable bias in making charges about who seems like they should be given a good deal, who is worthy of a second chance, who seems like a tough kid who can't be turned around? these unconscious biases play themselves out and all kinds of crimes and types of offenses, but when we talk about violent crime important to acknowledge, and rates of violent crime are much higher among black men than white men. rates of violent crime are much higher but as william julius wilson points out in his excellent book when work disappears, racial disparities and violent crimes disappear, when you control joblessness. if you compare white jobless with black jobless men the racial disparity in violent crime disappears. that doesn't mean joblessness is an excuse for violence, it certainly is not. and most do not engage in violent crime but the reality is joblessness, particularly john at -- chronic joblessness creates the very conditions we know th
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4